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For decades Masterdent Group specializes in the medical and dental practice construction field only.

Construction of medical or dental offices, in contrast with ordinary residential or commercial construction, presents several unique challenges and requirements that must be incorporated and accomplished.

Unique concerns are mainly plumbing, electric, and medical gases installation to allow your dental equipment to work properly without costing your new practice serious problems and costly down time for repairs. Mainly not visible and buried in your floors and walls, properly constructed installation and supplying sufficient air flow, the right power of suction, sufficient electric power to all your equipment and safely distributing medical gases are crucial and extremely important. Correct placement of all components of your underground installation is the key factor for officiant and proper placement of your dental equipment. You do not want to face a horrific surprise upon arrival of your dental units... For years, we coordinated our projects with major dental practice equipment suppliers (such as Henry Schein Dental, Patterson Dental, Benco Dental) to ensure that equipment you ordered will fit in to all designed areas and can be installed without complication. Proper wall bracing for very heavy X-Ray equipment not done correctly can cost serious injury to your staff and patients - leading to legal actions and bad office publicity. Not to mention very expensive equipment repair. Knowledge of all federal, state, and local municipal building codes during construction of medical or dental facilities is a must.

For decades Masterdent Group specializes in the medical and dental practice construction field only.

Our experience team of craftsman can build or remodel your future practice with quality, on-budget and all safety aspects will be met. From complete new building construction and commercial space adaptation to office remodeling and refreshing. We are here to meet all your needs!

We will carefully and thoroughly inspect, evaluate and assess scope of work your project will require and will offer you best possible price to meet your budget.

Honesty, Knowledge, Experience, Craftsmanship are our core values. Please feel free to ask our previous clients! You will find that those are not only our values but they are the foundation we are building our relationship on with our clients.

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