Office Design in the Chicagoland Area

Take a journey with us to the office of your dreams.

Designing your new dental office in the Chicagoland area is one of the most important steps in the process of creating your new clinic. Many factors must be taken into consideration. The type of your practice, your preferred way of conducting dentistry, numbers of employees, type of dental equipment used in your practice or plan to purchase in the future.... are just a few things from long list of contributing factors in design process. Let’s not forget about the equally important aspect of the design process - aesthetics and visual affects of your dental practice. In today’s almost instant virtual reality advertising era (Facebook, Instagram, etc…) your - how we like to call - “WOW Factor” - of unique office design and appearance can become your practice’s instant advertising tool on social media.

We don’t want to build another office, or complete another project… Our top priority is to build your office - the one you, your staff, your patients will be enjoying every day, and be happy with.

If we manage to complete this task - we will achieve our goal – and be very proud of it!

So... let the journey begin...

Step 1: Let’s hear your visions and ideas for your new practice

Prior to any office design a few key factors must be considered. Number of operatories, types of operatories, your future dental equipment preference, you and your associate’s habits, type of dentistry your office will conduct, preferable patient flow.... these are only few examples of factors that need to be considered and incorporated in office design. Our Masterdent Group team will go step by step with you over all the crucial details so all your practice requirements will be accomplished.

Step 2: Vision & Planning

Ergonomic and functionally design office layout is a key factor. Our dedicated team of architects will plan your office to achieve two most important goals: ergonomics and aesthetics. Planning a dental office layout in the Chicagoland area presents several challenges. Different from regular medical offices, dental offices require very specific room dimensions to make the dental operatory comfortable for dentist and staff to work in and to have proper equipment layout. When the layout is completed you can see your future office layout in a 3D presentation so all your suggestions, areas, dimensions that you think need to be changed can be immediately corrected to meet your expectations. You, and your vision of your space, is our priority.

Step 3: Interior Designing & Material

Let us invite you to our Office Design Studio, where we can listen. Yes, we love to listen. Your favorite colors, art, styling, what is your hobby, what - of course if you have it - is your vision of your new place what you may like to have in your new place. Warm, almost “homey” type of decoration and design or modern very contemporary styling - you decide - we make it reality. Let us incorporate your “personality” and your “spirit” in to your new practice design layout. We understand that you will spend long hours working in your dental office - that is why your new place must be comfortable and must be ergonomic, functional, accomplishing all your professional requirements but at the same time you need to feel welcome, enjoying every moment you will spend in your new dental practice build-out. Pick your finishing materials from dozens of samples. Flooring materials, millwork, wall tiles, wall coverings, counter tops, granites and quartz samples, cabinet materials - all waiting for you in one place. Just pick the one you may like. If you like something else... just name it... we can get it for you.

Step 4: Step in to your Virtual Office

In our Design Studio, we can put your ideas, your selected finishing materials, and chosen colors into a 3D Renderings Model Plan. This way you can see your future practice before any work will begins. See if your selected flooring tiles blends well with the wall color you selected. Maybe your dream wall covering is just not matching well with your selected carpet..... If you don’t like it or simply you are not 100% percent sure.... we can start all over and help you select materials you will be happy with. We are here to help you, advise you, and guide your visions ... try to bring your ideas into a perfectly designed, decorated, working, and ergonomic dental office in the Chicagoland area.

Enjoy - from Virtual Reality into Your new Office

Please look how virtually designed projects look in reality!

From 3D rendering

to final walkthrough!

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