Our Values

Take a journey with us to the office of your dreams.


Honesty in Here at Masterdent Group Inc. We strongly believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best. We pledge to fulfill all our agreements and promises. We deliver all of our projects on-budget and timely manner, without any hidden fees or unexpected additional cost. We will spend quality time to evaluate your project and provide a variety of options with the cost of labor and assets. Together we will build the perfect office for your medical practice without worry of fluxating pricing.

This is our policy - honesty over everything else!


Dental and medical offices are our only field of business. Our narrow specialty and focus on one particular field in the construction industry helps us learn and understand all aspects and challenges in designing and building a modern and perfectly functioning medical or dental office. We know that in dental office design there are certain areas where “size really does matter”. Our knowledge learned from our company’s equipment and service division guarantee that future equipment designated to the practice will have all required spacing, infrastructures and layouts to give our client a comfortable and ergonomic place to work.


Since 1998 Masterdent Group and Masterdent Dental Equipment Sale and Service completed dozens of projects. We specialize in everything from simple office remodelings, relocations, and operatory additions to office build-outs in existing commercial spaces and complete construction of free standing buildings. If you would like to take a personal tour of our completed projects and talk to our previous clients, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can arrange such a tour. If you prefer you may contact financial institutions who financed our client’s projects in the past to hear their opinions about their experience cooperating with us - we will be more than honored to provide you such information.


Creating and building is our passion. Our dedicated team of employees take pride in each project. Many of our team members have been with us for over 10 years, challenging themselves on each project to do things better, and create something even more extraordinary. For us, your project is not another office we need to build. It is our next challenge and journey to create something out of the ordinary, which we all will be proud of and can share with our future clients as a reference of our passion, quality and craftsmanship.

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