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Chicago Smile Studio, Chicago, IL


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At Chicago Smile Studio in Chicago, IL, our goal was to design and construct a dental practice that not only enables the staff to provide exceptional dental services but also offers a welcoming, cohesive space for both patients and staff. The main focus was on optimizing the floor plan to ensure an efficient workflow and the delivery of high-quality dental services. The project included accommodating multiple dental chairs, a laboratory, imaging equipment, and ample storage.

Project Overview

Type: Dental Practice

Location: Chicago, IL

Square Footage: 1750 SF

Project Timeline: 16 weeks

Main Project Goals

  • Design an inviting and cohesive space for patients and staff
  • Optimize the floor plan for an efficient workflow and quality dental services
  • Accommodate specific equipment needs, including dental chairs, a laboratory, imaging equipment, and storage

Scope of Work Done

  • Conducted a comprehensive space evaluation to assess layout and functionality
  • Provided a full layout design to maximize the use of available space
  • Designed, selected, and installed interior finishing materials for a modern and inviting atmosphere
  • Generated architectural drawings, gathered necessary documentation, and managed the permitting process
  • Completed a complete interior demolition and build-up to transform the space
  • Installed a complete new HVAC system with a HEPA air scrubber and UV purification for enhanced air quality
  • Upgraded storefront windows and doors to improve the exterior aesthetics
  • Designed, fabricated, and installed custom dental cabinetry for efficient storage and organization
  • Created custom office furniture and reception desk to establish a professional and functional front desk area
  • Conducted data/network wiring installation to ensure seamless connectivity and communication

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Dental Art Clinic, Mount Prospect, IL

Scope of works done:
  • Full layout and interior design
  • Architectural drawings, documentation, permitting process
  • Complete interior demolition and build up
About the project
2490 E Oakton St # C, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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