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Miswak Dentistry, Chicago, IL


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Experience the remarkable transformation of Miswak Dentistry in Chicago, IL as Masterdent Group collaborates with them to create a modern and welcoming space that prioritizes oral health. Our team of experts knows how to help enhance the patient experience and deliver high-quality dental services for a healthy smile.

Project Overview

Type: Dental Practice

Location: Chicago, IL

Square Footage: 1040 SF

Project Timeline: 7 weeks

Main Project Goals

  • Create a modern and welcoming space that prioritizes oral health
  • Enhance the patient experience through thoughtful design and attention to detail
  • Optimize the floor plan for efficiency and productivity

Scope of Work Done

  • Designed, selected, and installed interior finishing materials
  • Completed a complete interior remodeling
  • Installed stock cabinetry
  • Conducted data/network wiring installation
  • Installed artwork and decorative fixtures
  • Relocated dental equipment

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