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Optimal Dental Center, Tinley Park, IL


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Witness the remarkable transformation of Optimal Dental Center in Tinley Park, IL as Masterdent Group collaborates with them to redesign and construct their space. Our shared goal is to create a space that optimizes efficiency and enhances the patient experience. From space evaluation to custom dental cabinetry, every detail is expertly crafted to deliver high-quality dental services in a beautifully designed environment.

Project Overview

Type: Dental Practice

Location: Tinley Park, IL

Square Footage: 1550 SF

Project Timeline: 16 weeks

Main Project Goals

  • Create an efficient, functional space for Optimal Dental Center
  • Optimize the floor plan to enhance workflow and productivity
  • Enhance the patient experience through thoughtful design and attention to detail

Scope of Work Done

  • Conducted a comprehensive space evaluation
  • Provided a full layout design to maximize efficiency and aesthetics
  • Designed, selected, and installed interior finishing materials
  • Generated architectural drawings, performed necessary documentation, and managed the permitting process
  • Completed a complete interior demolition and build-up
  • Designed, fabricated, and installed custom dental cabinetry
  • Created custom office furniture and reception desk
  • Conducted data/network wiring installation
  • Installed artwork and decorative fixtures

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Optimal Dental Center Tinley Park, IL
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Fullerton - Kedzie Dental Group, Chicago, IL

Scope of works done:
  • Stock cabinetry installation
  • Data/network wiring installation¬†
  • Artwork and decorative fixtures installation
About the project
2490 E Oakton St # C, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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